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Modern slavery and environmental degradation are two of the big challenges facing our world today.

In line with our CLT envirolaw vision to help contribute to the preservation of the environment and fostering a just society we provide our legal and commercial skills to develop projects that can help transform communities.

Our current projects that we are involved in are:

  • The Modern Slavery Garden
  • Creating an anti human trafficking Hub at the Towers Convent School

Modern Slavery Garden

The Modern Slavery Garden is being created for the Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

Our director, Colleen Theron is a member of the Modern Slavery Garden team working with them on supply chain issues. For more information on what the MSA requires read our guide.

The Towers anti slavery hub

The Towers Convent School is based in Upper Beading, near Steyning, West Sussex. It is a school based on Gospel values that strives to develop the potential of each one of its pupils with a view to teaching them to value the gifts off those around them.

On 18th of April 2018 the Towers Convent School launched an anti slavery hub at the school. Our director, Colleen is spear heading the project whose aim is to raise awareness of modern slavery amongst the pupils and in the community and to encourage individuals to become involved in projects to help create change. The Hub will serve as a platform to encourage people and communities and business to share and access resources on slavery issues, access volunteers, raise money to encourage girls to visit the sister convents in Brazil and Tanzania with a view to help building the communities.


GET INVOLVED – we will be hosting another awareness raising event in the autumn. To find out how you can contribute to the fight against modern day slavery read our ‘5 things you can do;


The Hub will be supported by Made Open. At Made Open we are committed to making positive changes in society; in particular by leveraging existing strengths within communities and embedding innovation into the core ‘business’ offering of our client partners.



Links to our our resources in modern slavery


British Association for Sustainable Sport

Colleen has been a steering group member since BASIS was founded. BASIS is a group of likeminded individuals, organisations, partners and providers from various organisations and a diversity of sports. Our vision is to nurture and promote sustainability and sustainable development in all aspects of sport through providing high quality support, resources and events.
We recognise sustainability in the broadest terms to include economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.