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Sustainable procurement is key to the public sector – which is bound by new European Procurement Directives – as well as for private sector companies seeking to tender for public sector goods and services which must cover environmental, social and economic issues within their tender responses. Meanwhile businesses seeking to implement a comprehensive corporate sustainability or human rights strategy
must demonstrate the ability to procure sustainably and ethically.


Ignoring sustainability criteria in tenders or contracts may mean that businesses do not properly assess their environmental and social risks associated with their core goods and services. It is also a key factor for companies looking to obtain certification under some standards such as ISO 20121, the new ISO 14001, and any company seeking to manage its supply chain risk.


  • Developing sustainable procurement strategies
  • Identifying sustainability and human rights risks in the business supply chain
  • Identifying how to implement sustainability criteria into business tenders, including human rights
  • Advising on the drafting of sustainability criteria for use in service level agreements and contracts
  • Helping organisations meet legal obligations under sustainable procurement legislation
  • Developing scorecards and stakeholder engagement programs with suppliers
  • Bespoke training to directors, managers, and procurement and CSR staff