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 The Modern Slavery Act (MSA) requires businesses within the UK to be transparent about how they are tackling modern slavery, both within their own operations and also in their supply chains. Those businesses that fall within the reporting threshold have to publish a Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. The corporate reporting requirements are aimed at ensuring that organisations are taking steps to eliminate slavery from their operations.

For more information on what the MSA requires read our guide.

Managing reputational and legal risk

Business has to rethink how it will tackle compliance on these issues. Unless a statement is underpinned by robust and proportionate actions business they face possible legal action and reputational damage.

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What we offer

  • Practical and strategic advice to business and charitable organisations on how to identify and manage their modern slavery risks
  • Bespoke training to directors, procurement and human resources managers on the MSA
  • Strategic and practical advice on how to develop a modern slavery statement
  • Advice on how to link modern slavery to human rights issues and/ or the company’s CSR programme
  • Developing KPIs for reporting on activities to prevent modern slavery
  • Advisory and research services
  • Developing due diligence processes to underpin the MSA statement
  • Help with contractual issues and codes of conduct
  • Guidance and facilitation on stakeholder engagement