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Modern Day Slavery: Risk management solutions for companies

The passing of the UK Modern Day Slavery Act in 2015 has put the spotlight back on business and transparency in supply chains.

Forced labour and human trafficking is a global problem that exists in every region of the world and in every economy. They affect both domestic and international markets.

Business has to consider how they manage the risk of human rights abuses and whether they will take a preventative or proactive approach to tackling modern day slavery in both their organisations and supply chains.

modern day slavery toolkit

We have collated key legal and commercial information to create this high-quality pack of resources, worth a total of £1410.00 including VAT.

This slavery toolkit combines legal and commercial resources to help organisations:

  • take steps to comply with section 54 of the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015
  • tackle human trafficking and slavery in their supply chains.
    The toolkit will help organisations:
  • determine their compliance status
  • prepare the statement
  • prepare a human rights and anti slavery policy
  • understand how to include tackling modern day slavery as part of the organisations wider risk management strategy
  • identify who to include in the process
  • refer to a human rights due diligence checklist to include in a due diligence process

Who this tool is aimed at?

We recognise that there are a number of professionals in an organisation that play an important role in managing risk, compliance and sourcing elements.

  • Compliance officers and company secretaries
  • General counsel
  • CEOs and the board
  • Procurement professionals
  • Human resources managers
  • Company secretary’s
  • Marketing and operational team heads
What you get: (prices exclude VAT)
Briefing Note for Business: Legal and Best Practice Requirements for Publishing a Modern Slavery Statement Valued @£125
Ethical Procurement Guide Valued @£35
Modern Slavery Act: Compliance check flowchart Valued @£35
Modern Slavery Act Guide: overview of key legal issues Valued @£75
10 Steps Companies Should Take in Response to MSA Valued @£35
Link to UK Guidance: Transparency in supply chains: a practical guide FREE
Human Rights Policy Template Valued @£75
Sample slavery and human trafficking statement Valued @£125
Linking Modern Slavery Act disclosure with the Companies Act disclosure requirements and the UNGPs on Business and Human Rights Valued @£35
Guide on determining who needs to be involved in making decisions on human rights in the business Valued @£35
Human Rights Due Diligence Commercial and Legal Checklist Guide Valued @£125
Applying the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights Valued @£35
Business case for Directors to address human rights issues Valued @£35
Overview of key Business & Human Rights Legislation for companies Valued @£110
Business Health Check Tool Valued @£120
Comparative table explaining the key differences between the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Valued @35
FREE ONE HOUR Consultancy Valued @£140


MSA Flow Chart-1
Modern Slavery Act 2015
10 steps
creating a human rights policy
Who needs to be involved in making decisions on human rights in business
Due Diligence
Applying the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
Business Case for directors
Overview of key business and human rights legislation
Comparative UN Global compact and UNGP


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