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CLT envirolaw runs an ongoing pro bona (expenses paid) internship programme lasting 3-6 months.

Based at home but with an option to work at the office in Henfield, West Sussex, interns will be an integral part of assisting in the development of the on-line services provided by CLTenvirolaw.

In return, the CLTenvirolaw team will provide structured and monitored internships, individual mentoring, the opportunity to add unique work experience to personal CV’s and where applicable as a result of proven ability, provide supporting post-internship references.

CLTenvirolaw provides equal opportunities to all interns.

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Working environment and expectation management

CLTenvirolaw works within a fast moving environment that requires exceptional personal qualities in order to:

  • Work both as part of a team and where necessary, autonomously.
  • Meet and exceed deadlines for verbal and written work.
  • Grow contacts, identify and maximise collaborative opportunities.
  • Passionately advocate the CLTenvirolaw’s position, aim, objectives and vision.
  • Represent CLT envirolaw at national and international events where applicable.
  • Develop commercial opportunities for CLT envirolaw where possible
  • Not bring CLT evirolaw into disrepute in anyway, whatsoever.
I did an intern with CLT for just over 6 months. Unlike most internship I was given a lot of responsibility early on managing a variety of projects from Human Trafficking to sustainability in the sports and leisure sector. During the internship I had incredible exposure to different areas of the corporate and NGO sector meeting a variety of different professionals from all walks of life. Passion is at the heart of CLT, and for anyone even remotely interested in consultancy or human rights an internship with CLT will be an invaluable experience. The team are fantastic and most importantly know how to have fun! Thank you for everything Coleen and team, I will never forget my time with CLT it has opened so many doors for me in my career.
Beht Skilton, Sainsburys Ltd Leadership Graduate Scheme


I really loved working with CLT envirolaw as a summer intern in 2014 for four month. Under the guidance and in constant communication with the CLTenvirolaw team, I was responsible to conduct an extended study on the benefits and returns to investment of sustainability strategies in the sports sector­ a topic I am very interested in myself. This included doing an extensive literature review, creating a survey and conducting primary research by interviewing 20 national governing bodies and clubs and venues from different sport sectors in the UK. I then wrote up an initial report draft where I analysed findings and provided case-studies and recommendations, which were later collated into a professional report published by the company. All the skills I acquired during this internship are highly transferable and have significantly helped me in developing my career. I also got an insight into the company in general and was allowed to contribute to the company¹s website with blogs. All of my expectations have been met: Not only did I improve my knowledge about sustainability and research and interviewing skills, but I also learned a lot about how a small company works. The team was lovely ­ they supported me throughout the four months and beyond. I¹d definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in sustainability. It is difficult to find such a nice working environment where one can learn so much as a student.
Lena Fuldauer