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How to Identify and Respond to Child Labour in Supply Chains

9 November  2016

8:30am – 12:30pm / £350
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Globally 170 million children are engaged in exploitative, hazardous or inappropriate economic activities, ranging from prostitution, clothing manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, street vending, stone crushing, industrial work, construction, mining and other sectors whether for domestic or international markets.

Delivered in partnership between ECPAT UK and CLT envirolaw, this new workshop series will bring participants rapidly up to speed on the key issues surrounding the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (England and Wales), including supply chain challenges around identifying and managing child labour risks. The course will address how to develop and implement an effective due diligence strategy and how to ensure that these practices can form part of a human rights due diligence framework that is a meaningful and beneficial process for your company. The course will help participants appreciate the importance of feedback and complaints mechanisms as a means of verifying and tracking performance.

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