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Helping organisations address their social and environmental impacts in their organisation and supply chains is at the heart of our business.

CLT envirolaw was set up in 2009 by its founder Colleen Theron.  Its initial aim was to provide specialist environmental law advice to law firms and companies, but we found soon after its inception that we were asked to work with organisations on broader sustainability issues whilst using legal compliance as a benchmark. Whilst we still help companies achieve their legal obligations the work we do is no longer limited to environmental issues.  We wanted to stand out as a niche consultancy with specialist expertise and a flexible approach. And we still do.

The name Ardea was inspired by the Latin name for a Heron and a dream about a charity called Wet Herons that we plan to set up in South Africa. Wet Herons was derived from a family holiday home called Wet Herons Rest. We wanted a more memorable name with a clear identity, a strong presence and to become an organisation that people first turn to for help in our specialist areas.

Heron’s possess grace, versatility and intelligence. They are determined and independent and are a symbol of good luck. We believe that these are some of the qualities reflected by our team members.

We are also passionate about fighting modern slavery and human trafficking. Around 2011, Colleen was invited by a client to attend a conference on Human trafficking in London.   She left with a deep conviction that this global issues could not be ignored and committed using her skills and the business  to help fight modern slavery. This conviction led to helping to set up a Not for Profit (Finance against Trafficking) to raise awareness of modern slavery in business.

Colleen says:

“ Fighting modern slavery resonated with my faith and the belief that all people should be treated with respect and given an opportunity to develop their potential. “

Since 2011 our business has been working with organisations to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking through our training programmes and consultancy work. The Ardea team also participates in voluntary projects to help raise awareness about modern day slavery. We played a part in the creation of the Modern Slavery Garden at the 2016 Chelsea Flower show. In 2016 we set up an anti trafficking hub at the Towers Convent School in West Sussex and will be running a group with St Peters Church in Brighton in the winter term of  2017 on modern slavery.

Ardea International seeks to to be at the forefront of the development and application of the law. Our expert understanding of the evolving UK and global sustainability and business and human rights landscape has meant we are recognised as thought leaders in our field. Because we are passionate and motivated to contribute to genuine, long lasting sustainability across environmental, social and financial spheres we seek to lead business to go beyond compliance. This remains at the core of our vision.

We are really excited about our change of our name to Ardea International. We aim to build on the work we have been doing over the past nine years and ensure that our clients continue to feel supported by us.

We value your feedback.

Get in touch if you want to tell us what you think about our new name or if there are ways that we can support your organisation to become more resilient and sustainable by identifying and managing your key risks.